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Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Two Sides Of Chill

It's been a while since we've posted but we're still here. Our summer was mostly more of the same. With pandemic and normal life we've just been digging into community. We also tried to have a few moments of relaxation and leisure. This split picture of two moments where we were able to chill out from the last month or so really represent some of the things we love --time together, moments of rest, water, moments of fun, road trips, good television, and of course...our sweet LALAH (the cat).

Summer Fun With The Fam

What a wonderful few weeks it has been! It was such a joy to meet up with the nephew at mom's house and just plain HAVE FUN. (Yes, trampoline parks are fun for adults too...haha) Beyond our own family, it was incredible to be a part of community fun in parades on floats. Finally, we were beyond honored to be a part of a baby blessing of family friends. Truly, the last few weeks has been so full of joy. The only thing that we know would make that complete would be more family and more opportunities for fun.

Once Upon A Time

Growing up, my wife and I had different experiences both in our cultures and in the small ways that our families functioned. Though we were both surrounded (and still are) with love and support, it definitely looked different as it does in so many families. For instance, she had one brother growing up and I am the youngest of nine...yes you heard me right. She grew up in the suburbs and I grew up in rural areas and big city. So you can imagine that we have so much fun sharing traditions and family fun with one another. One of these beautiful things is her love of reading children's stories. Though we don't have kids yet, we've always had a growing collection of children's books. This was not something that happened much in my family. But, if given the chance, she will show every child (young and old) the joy of creativity and imagination that can come from the pages of a book including me! Since getting married, she's shared her love with me--picking up kid's books that she sees at a shop or at a friend's home, reading them to me complete with giggles and voices for all the characters, and creating a treasure chest of that joy for our future children. It's one of those things that I now also look forward to as we hope to build our family. Today, she came home with this book "In My Heart" that found its way into her cart while grocery shopping. And so my Sunday afternoon rest time was highlighted with excited voice of my lovely wife and a story on naming emotions. Truly, we are blessed.

Trying New Things

It may be hard to believe for some, but Johnson has never skated. Well...that is...until last week. One thing about him is that he's always down to try new things. His courage extends far beyond the big things to the little ones where he shouts "only for love" while sailing around like a pro at a friend's birthday party. And, just as in life, the few times he fell, he got back up. As I (Andrea) watched this, I was only more in love with this man who would try new things for me/his family and be so excited to celebrate our friend that he'd do so without hesitation. The friend we celebrated is a part of our village. They stand with us and we stand (or roll) with them. That just how it is. So I thought I'd share this moment of vulnerability and silly courage with you today.

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