Erica & Taylor

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Erica - by Taylor

Erica is a kind and compassionate wife and friend. Erica grew up in Texas and as a child, she enjoyed competitive shooting, dancing, and volleyball. Later in life this passion for sports transferred from playing to coaching. A true passion of hers is guiding and mentoring young women who desire to play competitive volleyball. It is easy to see the joy and love in her heart for children. We enjoy spending time with each other by traveling to see new places, camping, competitive shooting, and watching movies. Erica also enjoys spending her free time reading. Often, she enjoys lounging outside on our back deck with her nose in a book during cool summer evenings. Erica is a loving and compassionate woman, who would do anything she could to help someone in need. Throughout my lifetime I have been faced with the struggle of the loss of my mother and father. Erica has been by my side every step of the way. She has weathered the storms, the highs and the lows, right along with me, and for that I am eternally grateful. Without her I would not be the man I am today. It is without a doubt in my mind that Erica will be an amazing, kind, and loving mother. Her love for this child will only grow each and every day.

Meet Taylor - by Erica

Taylor is the most loving and courageous man I have ever known. He faces challenges head on and never wavers when it comes to providing support and love for his family. He is caring and is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back. He is my anchor through the storm and I always know that I can rely on him for anything. I don't think he even realizes how much I admire him. He has been there for me and so may others through everything. He loves his friends and family more than anything and his dedication to us is inspiring. He is not only loving and courageous, but he is incredibly capable. Taylor loves tinkering with anything automobile related and is constantly searching for more knowledge about it. He works things out and is so intuitive. He is incredibly patient, and never snaps at anyone, but breaks things down so they can easily understand. He is always willing to explain and share the knowledge he has. Taylor always makes me laugh, and it's absolutely impossible to stay mad at him because of it. Some fun facts about Taylor are that his favorite movies are Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Top Gun. He loves working out in the garage on his project car, and is very patient in explaining everything he is doing to me. Taylor is my best friend, and most cherished confidant. He is the most amazing husband and I truly cannot wait to see the fantastic dad he will be.

Our Pets

We have three pets that we adore. We have two cats and one dog. We adopted our orange tabby cat, Raja, when he was a kitten six years ago. He is warm and loving, and he is happiest when cuddling with us on the couch. He greets us at the door every day with meows and hugs. We adopted our lab mix, Mia, when she was about eight months old about four years ago. She was shy at first, but now is just a loving snuggle bug. Mia loves going on walks and is so happy just to be near us. She is protective and loving, but is happy meeting new people. We adopted our tabby cat, Dixon, two years ago when he was about a year and a half old. Dixon was very nervous at first, but with patience and love, he has become a snuggly little guy. He is happiest when stretched out and sunbathing in the windowsill. While Dixon is still our shyest, he is so sweet and warms up to new people quickly.

Our Home

Our home is filled with warmth and light. We love keeping our friends and family close, so we have pictures of them all over. The heart of the house is the living room, where we can be together and have family over. Our church community is loving and so accepting. Our work communities have become dear to our hearts, and we have so much support from both of them. Our neighborhood is friendly and family oriented. We are lucky to live in a community with many families, and we are excited for this child to be able to grow up with kids around their age. We know all our neighbors and we love being able to belong to a community that is close. We are excited for this child to be surrounded by people that love and support them.

Our Adventures & Hobbies

We love traveling and going on adventures. We have studied together overseas in London. We have been to the Bahamas, several different states, and Disneyland. We go camping when possible and love floating or kayaking down the river. Taylor loves to snowboard in the mountains, and Erica loves wading through the waves at the beach. Taylor and Erica have both traveled to Mexico with their families. Erica studied in Italy and went backpacking through the mountains of Costa Rica. In addition to traveling adventures, we enjoy several hobbies. Taylor enjoys working with anything mechanical, and likes to play on the Xbox occasionally, as he gets to hear from his friends. Erica will read anything you give her, but she enjoys adventure and science fiction novels the best. She also has a passion for coaching volleyball and coaches a team of 11 year old's with a local club. We enjoy watching our favorite shows together, and loving on our fur babies too.

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