Andrea & Johnson

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


We're creative folks and we love work around the house as much as painting a great portrait.
As much as we enjoy a good meal, we love more cooking. Johnson is a champ in the kitchen and loves to feed everyone.
We love a few adventures here and there.
We love our Lalah and you would love her too. Though she's a cat, we think she thinks she's a dog. Lalah is a cool cat who loves to be loved. She greets you at the door to tell you that she's missed you.
Gotta love a good selfie!
Whether at our house for Friendsgiving or traveling to see them, we LOVE spending time with friends and family.
Fun at our house looks like chillin' and watching movies.
We love to relax by playing games. Date nights often center around board games and laughter.
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