Paulina & Ben

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


A Family-Filled Christmas

We had the loveliest Christmas and we are feeling so very blessed! Many members of Paulina's side of the family came to visit us at our home. Aunts, uncles, and cousins from Phoenix, Houston, and Monterrey all came to have a merry time. Ben cooked for everyone - smoked ribs and briskets, turkey breast, mac and cheese casserole, and mashed potatoes. It was delicious! We enjoyed tons of quality family time together. Paulina's parents and brother Rodrigo arrived the following day. They spend Christmas eve in Mexico with sibling Rodolfo who just had a baby and could not travel.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Oh how time flies! We celebrated Lucas's 5TH birthday this past weekend. We had some friends and family over for pizza and cake. Lucas was thrilled that we rented a bounce house for him and his friends. He jumped non-stop! We feel very blessed by all the love from everyone around us. But more than anything, we are so deeply grateful for him! Lucas is a kind, sweet, creative, and funny kiddo. He makes our lives better every single day. I have grown so much and learned about what love really is.

Beach days

We love going to South Padre Island. We go every summer with my (Paulina's) family. When I grew up, that one week we spent every year at SPI became some of my most cherished memories. Now, I get to share this with Ben and Lucas. I love every minute of it. Lucas really enjoys it too! We hope to continue this tradition in future years. Quality time together as a family is truly priceless.

A Quick Visit from Lucas's Godparents

These are Alex and Lulu - Lucas's godparents. Lulu is my (Paulina's) childhood best friend from Monterrey. When it was time to choose godparents for Lucas a few years ago, we immediately thought of Lulu and Alex. They are just amazing friends and awesome people overall, and we wanted them to be an important part of Lucas's life. I had not seen them in person since December of 2019! So now that we are all vaccinated, they were able to visit =)

The Joy of Grandparents

I (Paulina) have the most wonderful parents a person could even ask for. They live in Monterrey, and we try to see each other as often as possible. This past year has been very challenging in that regard. But we have managed! Now they visited for Easter, and I could not be happier. The weather has been gorgeous, the flowers are in fully bloom, and Lucas is beside himself because he loves his Tito and Tita so much!

Play time!

As the weather is getting warmer, we are enjoying some time outdoors. There are some really cool playgrounds near our house that we love to take Lucas to. He can spend hours playing here! Lucas loves to play with mommy and daddy - and this beautiful light lets mommy play amateur photographer =)

Snow Day!

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but life has been busy. We had an amazing snow day in Waco on January 10th. It is rare to see snow in Waco, and even when it does snow, it rarely sticks. But this year, we got a few inches. Lucas, Ben, and I had an absolute blast!

Celebrating Lucas's 4th Birthday

A few days ago we celebrated Lucas's 4th Birthday. I can't believe he's already 4! Ben and I took the day off work so we could spend the entire day with Lucas. We decided to take him to Dinosaur World, in Glen Rose TX, which is about an hour drive from where we live. We had an amazing time. Lucas loves dinosaurs and he was besides himself with joy. We then came back home so we could sing him Happy Birthday. His grandparents, aunts, and uncles connected via Zoom to sing him Happy Birthday too, and then he opened all his gifts. It was such a wonderful day overall. 

Meet Leo and Luna

Ben and I have always shared a love of dogs, and they have been an important part of our lives since we first started dating. The larger dog in the picture is Leonidas ("Leo"). He is a 12 year-old Beagle. Ben got him back in September of 2008, right when we started dating. Leo is very sweet, kind, and gentle. He has always been a little chunky - he was the biggest of his litter. He loved to eat and is generally pretty chill. He is also incredibly patient with Lucas. What I love most about him is that he knows when someone is upset, and he will come lay next to you to make you feel better.  Luna is a 3 year old Beagle mix that we rescued last year from a shelter in Long Beach. She's very lovable and always wants to be near us (or on us), loves being pet, and is very playful and energetic. However, her "happy place" is to be on our laps. If she isn't on our laps, you can find her playing fetch with Lucas! She just never gets tired of playing, and can never ever get enough attention. She follow us around the house - it is the sweetest thing!

Home Sweet Home

At the end of May this year, we moved from L.A. back to Waco (where we used to live from 2011 to 2017). We love this community. We have lots of great friends here, and we enjoy the peaceful Waco environment. We bought a house right away, and we love it. Having lived in Waco before, we knew the area we wanted to live around. Our neighborhood is well established and diverse, with beautiful trees, nice homes, and in an excellent school district. Our neighbors are all very nice. The street is not too busy, and it is very quiet around here at night. I love how spacious the house is and Lucas is loving the large yard to play in.  

Our Hearts

We promise that if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we will give your child a wonderful life full of unconditional love. We promise your child will have an abundance of hugs, kisses and laughter, everyday! We promise your child will have everything they need, physically and emotionally. We promise your child will be loved, not only by us, but also by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, godparents, and friends. We promise to dedicate time to read to, play with, and cuddle your child daily! We promise we will encourage your child to pursue their dreams in life, whatever those may be. We will strive to share God's love with your child so they will always know the amazing love of their Heavenly Father! We promise your child will know about the courageous and selfless choice you made out of love. We want them to know you and we will create a space for you to be a part of our lives, if that's what you want. Thank you very much for taking the time to learn about our life. We have so much love to give and we look forward to the day we can become parents again through the miracle of adoption. With humble hearts, Paulina & Ben

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